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Before they became so revered, Artemis and Apollo weren’t gods. They were a couple of troublemaking twins whom their father, Zeus, had condemned to the mortal realm.

Being bound to earth wasn’t all that great for Arte and Po. They vowed to return to Olympus, whether Zeus liked it or not.

With their mother Leto’s fire to light the way, the twins would have to work together to spite their father and return home.

Control the falling blocks and build your path to Olympus!

Single-Player Edition (Non-Winnitron) Controls:

  • Arrow keys for character movement
  • WASD keys for block movement
  • E to rotate a block
  • Q to freeze a block in place

Made for #PegJam2018 by:

Cam Deamel  (camnesiac, @seedyebb) - Additional Art,  Design, & Concept

Dan Boissoneault (MajorBS, @RealMajorBS) - Sound Design & Music

Chad Hillary (repine, @repinegames) - Programming

Rick Wang- Game & Concept Art, Character Design & Animation

Background Art Asset made by Edermunizz



Arte and Po - 1P.zip 6 MB

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