A little top down-survival-shooter thing.

Run around, fight your enemies using your guns and special ability, collect ammo, and try not to get caught by the stove attack!

Based off of a hotline miami ripoff I made when first starting out on game maker a couple years ago where you get chased around by a decapitated Steve Harvey, but I guess along the way the 'e' turned into an 'o', and this is what came of it.

There's only one level and three special abilities currently, although I might expand this game in the future. Right now, I just want to move on to other things

Currently only the windows version is downloadable, although a Mac Osx version can be provided if requested.


WASD - Movement

LMB - Shoot

RMB - Toggle View

LSHIFT - Special Ability (Bomb)

Space - Pause

E - Respawn

M - Mute Background Music

F4 - Toggle Fullscreen (Downloadable Version)


  • Use your special ability to go find some ammo
  • Bullet Fury is the best ability, but it might hurt your ears!
  • Bullet Fury gives you infinite ammo for a limited time - Spray Away!
  • Keep on the move - Don't get Cornered!
  • Using any special ability will destroy all enemies around you. Use it in a pinch!
  • Your bombs are limited, as indicated in the lower right corner.

Tools used: Gamemaker Studio, Asperite, Famitracker

Install instructions

Just install it like any other program, idk


Stove Attack - Windows 8 MB

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